Friday, December 12, 2008

stop staring , im no lesbian!!

Well, I came to notice her recently. She is my neighbor, and that’s all she is to me. Nothing more than that, we had never exchanged even a smile, not even one friendly jesture.but lately I have noticed how much she was interested in what’s happening in my life. And especially me. And this has really bemused me with a lot of silly where I was even forced to imagine her as even to be a lesbian. Well frankly i am not one; my daughter says it all :) .

I have noticed her hungrily gawping through her window into my apartment. I still wonder what’s it with her. Is she trying to study me? I have no idea. And recently she has even tried to make some silly conversation with me. And to my surprise she even invited me to her apartment. Well dear what should I interpret from this behavior of hers? Is she lunatic, well she doesn’t look like one? But when I had gone for the kitty party last week, one of my friends was asking me to stay away from her. Most women in our society take her as a lesbian.

I don’t have any problem even if she was one. The reason is simple, I just don’t care. But I do care for one thing; gosh I really don’t want to be stared at! At least not at my home! I need my own privacy .I don’t want to be a piece of entertainment. Yesterday I decided to shut my windows. And did it help? No way, she has found her own way to peep into my life again and this time it was from her balcony. I was seriously into a dilemma yesterday. And even had a restless sleep. Her stare was making me go eccentric. I was turning out to be some else even at my home, with the fear of her staring, like shobha de was telling enough is enough! I just couldn’t take this anymore so finally I found my way out!

The first thing I did this morning was to open up all my windows draw the curtains. Then I saw her standing near her window and staring into my privacy. It wasn’t just anger that was running through me; it was almost like a vengeance. I started staring back at her, without a blink, with my full might and vigor I fought her through my stare. She was an excellent counterpart but eventually she gave up. I smiled at her and told her that staring was not just one sided and. with this one sentence I left her and went back to my couch, though however dramatic the situation was I felt at peace now. I knew she wouldn’t peep into my privacy again. And she hasn’t dared too, till now.

I had even recently written about this but I never thought this would happen to me. Home is the most comfortable place in the whole world. And it is our right to have some privacy. People like her have nothing to do but to peep into other people’s life. I wonder what do they get through this. Our life is our own and it is not some kind of show for others to watch on. As I lay down in my bed today it almost seems like some kind of burden has been taken away from happy with myself. As I fought for my freedom!


Sunder said...

why did u have to take those stares so seriously ? it proly didnt mean a thing !

i_am_a_nymph said...

i dont want anyone to intrude into my privacy...and anyone staring into my privacy 24/7 irritates me..

Anand said...

Privacy is not only a right by law but also our personal sense of freedom from the world..
I like the way u write. I'd visit u more sometime. :-)

Miky said...

its indeed very annoying situation and when you live next to such people its really worst as you've to face it all time.

What can you do about it?
1) Ignore
2) Ask her to stop this non-sense
3) Cant think of any :(

shakthi said...

Beautiful narration..
But then ,if u ask ur neighbour she may say.."cant help it.. as a thing of beauty is a joy forever"