Sunday, December 25, 2016

                                       Another Daughter

Long and lustrous it has grown,
Oiled and firmly plaited,
But for the unkempt appearance of her little being.
Her eyes, the shade of melted sugar.
From the depths of dark, shone as tiny sparkles.
Drawing one into its depth of innocence.
Her smile was like a thousand splendid suns,
menacing over the dark clouds...
A streak of light, a bloom of hope
she painted them all along.
Her little feet almost bare and parched,
never really cared of the Earth that much.
For she was the bearer of wings,
that made her fly high..
Her tiny hands were dirty and sweaty,
in them had she once held the catastrophe of rejection.
They said she waited so long,
for her unmarried mother who never came back home.
Dejected, she had waited along the corridor,
a dark marauding soul shrinking slowly without a fight.
No one came, none at all..
Silently they said, she had swallowed,
the melancholy of rejection, the agony of  being unwanted.

Slowlyshe learned to smile.
And smile she did, over and over
mocking at the ruthless treachery of fate,
repressing the agony and pain.
She had looked at me at first with hope.
Hope that I'd stay a little longer,
than the others who came and went.
The others who fancied their selfies and candy cam's,
the others who made her a mocking doll
of sympathy and showering fake lullabies into her little ears.
All gone in a day or two maybe,
misleading opportunists they might seem.

As years pass by she hugs me with love,
and wants me to take her into my arms.
Did I see a tear twinkle,
or was it love?
Two souls we are, in search of one..
another daughter not born in my womb.
Your laughter so tender and precious,
reminds me of the day I became a mother.
To be reborn again and again
into the soft tenderness of love.
Just as she is to me, you are too my child.
Never leaving your side,
for I'd always flutter around you,
with large mighty wings full of love.
A guardian angel in being to all.


Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Scandalous Soul

If I could paint my soul
I wonder what colour it'd be.
Would it be the colour of blood
a shade darker, I believe.
For I've sinned with crimes so heinous, my love.
I thought it was love of course,

Floating in primal pleasure,
you lay by my side.
Catching your breath and reposing in defeat.
Beads of sweat shone on your hairy chest,
pleasure flowed through your veins and lips.
Search I did on and on, for love in your eyes,
like a predator searching for its non-existing prey.
Lust and sin was all that I found,
but you'd said it was all love.

I heard the music so feeble and subtle,
and from my window pane I saw her sublime silhouette.
But when she came out I saw her anew,
her sweet lustrous hair danced by the wind.
The Sun with your might had lit it to flames,
of bright orange and fiery red.
Then, I saw her ripening gently,
and it was by the touch of your ardor.
Finally I found your love sweetheart,
you'd kept it safe from me for her.
My lips had trembled and I'd stooped down under,
as it slowly hit my bosom and tore me apart.

Was it broken pride and jealousy,
or a cry from a soul so pale and feeble?
I'd given it all to you my love,
but then you gave me back in lust when you'd thrust.
If at least in droplets had I received your love,
this soul wouldn't have been painted,
by her hot red blood.
Her hot red blood full of your love.

Sreelakshmi Nair

Monday, February 3, 2014

the glorious MARUTHAMKUZHI saga....

first of all, I am happy to write something here after a while... and this write up is dedicated particularly to a lady who has got not just the ability to inspire but also to push me into a world of productive happiness.... it is none other than my best bud and my partner in crime-'Deepa Chechi'

I do not intend to shower a rain of appreciation or pull her up into the heights of the not-so-required praise...the fact that she is my bestie itself implies how much i value her...however with the fact that today being her birthday(evil happiness that she is turning old :P) this write up is nothing more than a gift for a human being who has stood by me throughout my ups an downs...we were the best around, and yes together we did wonders is intriguing that sometimes we meet people who stay with us throughout, and its really not important how close we live.. 

from reading the same genre to watching movies and hanging out together, we've shared a lot of things...

 This story began some 2 years ago or so, when SD and I were still knocking the doors of help for our tiny little venture of social entrepreneurship called SARSAS. It was SD who told me about this lady whom he 'supposed' to be a Kindergarten teacher; someone  who consistently asked him to join our group. 

We knew with that kind of mature and experienced support there would be miracles...days and nights were strenuous but our vision being strong and definite we knew that we were on the right track. I was intrigued the very first day I met her, being simple yet beautiful she had solutions for almost all our problems...her charisma was enchanting. After a week or so I visited her house which was surprisingly close to mine...and it is right from then that we started jelling up.

The short one hour visits turned out to be really long ones and it even came to such a point that we forgot to go back home...our friendship revolved around ideas and its effective implementation rather people and gossips...we opened up a world of productivity and creativity with a noble vision; probably this was why our friendship grew stronger..accepting the rebellious me and the liberal SD, Deepa chechi became the conciliator..the three of us together started working together with the sole vision of serving and helping..those tiny steps that made individually, together became the foundation and basis for our baby to make its first step...

It is still wonderful when you go back in time and recollect such wonderful memories we spend with people who are not related to us by blood, but means much more than that.. Though we have had our share arguments, the fact that we do not really expect anything much from each other rather than 'friendship' has helped us survive... the trips that we had together, the parties and hang outs, the AOL sessions especially the DSN , everything together created a strong everlasting bond between us..

it is impossible to forget those lighter moments and the tonnes of happiness we have had...from listening to my stories and laughing at my silly jokes, Deepa chechi has surely become an important part of my life..

She has set an example on how to enjoy each moment of life rather than to sit and blame. At a time when I had completely lost my faith in friendship, she reinstalled and showed me how beautiful the power of friendship is. 

Friendship to me will always be her warm smile that lifted my spirits, those loving eyes that always reassured me and that caring hands which always held my arm..helping me to withstand the mightiest of all storms. Now,  distance being the villian I miss her company each and every moment. True friends are gods gift's and I am thankful to be blessed..

Lets celebrate friendship and enjoy each moment of our life... let the legend of 'MARUTHAMKUZHI SISTERS' linger into the hearts of all those who have lost hope and happiness in friendship, for there will always be someone who will redefine it... I have experienced this magic, and so will you....