Friday, September 5, 2008


i heard it again and this time it was louder and clear.the little girl screamed!and that really made me nervous.was it some kind of fight between her parents?is it a theft or even worse is it a murder?by god i had no idea..and as long as i stood hallucinating i know i am going to get into the worst of imaginations.which i really did not appreciate.well time was running and i had to think.then it came to me that even after such a lot of noise why were the neighbours least interested?had everyone gone deaf??i took up the girl and brought her to my apartment and then it began to rain.

the clouds screamed out their confessions and cried out with the was getting darker,but so was my mind.i could feel my heart racing up and roaring at me.i finally decided to go down again.but i couldn't hear anything now,except the rain of course.maybe the rain must have muffled up the noises.i climbed down the stairs slowly but unsteadily as i still didn't have any idea to put on.finally i reached the apartment.and then i knew it was all mum.maybe everything was least i saved the little girl.i slowly tried to open the door..and i was surprised it opened up eagerly..

as i entered i could find the furniture all out of place and some broken.then i saw her..a woman clad in a sari.she looked petrified!my god was she raped???i really didn't know how to handle this situation.but i knew i had to.if i don't no one would.i came close to her..she looked up..and then i saw her spoke of terror..she was breathing really hard and was sweating profusely.

i was about to say something when she started screaming!

and yes i was taken back and screamed back impulsively.and that made her hysterical.she was pointing at the corner and was talking in some language which i just discovered existed!but i looked where she was pointing at.she was pointing at the bed.or rather under it.

well now i was sure it was a murder!it would be an intruder or worse her husband?i was perplexed.i am in a situation which i knew is not meant for me.everything was going on so fine for whole husband,my kid and our career.everything was going on the way i wanted it to.

but as someone said good things never i am now in the middle of nowhere a possible witness to a murder.i couldn't just think of the days ahead for me after this.its not my comfortable bed,my happy child and loving husband.its not the clear blue sky,the butterflies and birds....its going to be hell.i knew it even when i saw the lady crying hysterically my mind was running.

but i had to face it anyways.i went towards the bed and bend down.and to my surprise i found a cockroach!


its power cut time again..and i was too lazy to get up from my bed..though my love kept on persisting that it was tea time.i was dreaming something..but don't actually remember what it was?maybe its too good to remember..cause people always tend to forget the best things in life.
i got out of my bed lazily and was doing a bit of stretching..suddenly i heard something was it one of my bones..nay!it cant be..I'm not that fragile..or am i?or maybe its my pyjamas again..they always mock me with their stupendous satire.but no it wasn't them this time..

i heard it again..and that's when i was in the kitchen sleepily making that cup of tea.i had to switch off the gas now.but purposely forgot.after scampering around for a while i finally found the source it came from downstairs.but what was it?it actually sounded like the war of the vessels..BANG! i heard it was getting curiosity took over and i ran down..

and there i saw a small girl almost in tears now..wondering if the matter was too serious i came closer to the was flat no1106 and to beat my curiosity the doors were locked from inside..what was happening?


my grandmother used to tell me...the trees bend down when the fruits come up..

what a beautiful be humble and down to earth even after conquering the greatest of heights...

i was recently visited by one of my friends.i was to recieve her with a lot of happy news and to have spend a lot of quality time.but to my surprise i found a total make over.i had known her for years from the time i had joined my school.she was my best buddy for time unknown.we loved and cared for each other and was there through thick and thin.she used to be my reflection.and even after my marriage we used to keep in touch and i knew that she was one person who really was happy for me.

but then something started changing in almost felt like she was so near yet a huge distance existed.and there was always a predominant lull hanging around whenever memories flow.was it a blankness.i cannot yet understand.but all i know is that she had was
he had changed.there were only little phone calls.and not even friendly messages or was like she had an alzhiemers, a special one that effected only that part of her memory where i existed.i wasnt sure whether it was something i did.but as far as my memory could go i was innocent.i knew that there was a fierce competition amongst us.but it was all healthy and good.and it was just for good academics.both of us silenced it most of the times.but i am sure it never crossed its limits and was never a reason for this sudden distance.she recently got into one of the best colleges and i was completly happy for was like a dream come true for me.she was my friend,she was i.

wheneveri think of it now this change came over her exaclty after she
entered this new arena.there was a huge competition there too.and a competition where one can survive only if armed properly with a fierce foundation.and i was confident in her because she was not only good but the best.

the spectacled face showed little was plastic,it was a strangers.she wore somethin i have never seen her in.and by god she looked good.but something wasnt her.she got into my car and i saw her face again.there was nothing friendly again.she came and then she went.and during the short time.all she could
point out were things i didnt have or rather those things she had!she was cynical about everything around.and then i knew this was not the friend who meant such a lot to me,not the one who was the reason for my success, not the one who shared
my joys and cried for my misfortunes.this was a stranger who wanted to reach somewhere big,and is ready to put all the relations at stake.
and the reason she came?was it show me how much she has outgrown from the little world we used to live in?or was it show my nothingness?
i could see something dancing in her head and i knew she has reached into the greatest of heights from where she couldnt hear anyone calling not even the memories which had already shed its leaves.she was like a fruitless tree adamant never to bend down or to look behind the lane of memories,not even to
those people who helped her and stood by her.

love is the most powerful emotion in the world.but in love is there a room for hatred too?why is that someone who was so close,leave scars in the heart?why does people change when they reach the greatest of heights?is it because of the shed of memories?but now i now i know
i lost my friend......