Thursday, August 28, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

silencing the adults....

i recently saw a video from you tube of a 13 year old who silenced the world for exactly 6 minutes at the UN meeting on the issue of environment,and i was spellbound.her speech actually made me think about whats exactly happening in our world.

people are giving importance to politics,power and so many unwanted issues that they are actually giving little importance to basic things like life.most powerful gentlemen usually tend to wish to maintain their positions.but little do they think that for keeping up whatever they want to do they should be alive.and for being alive any organism however powerful they are needs basic things which are attainable only from the environment.what happens if the environment perishes?there is no man(or any other beings for that matter).the girl reminds us from her simple but heart touching speech that the adults are the one who should set example for the youngsters to follow.but are the adults setting up a good one?is killing the rain forests,cutting down the trees,killing animals and polluting the environment the best path to follow?if one doesn't know how to fix up things he must not destroy them too.
rain forests,beautiful things like grass,woods and butterflies are not only for the adults to enjoy when they were children,but it is for the future generations too.and it is not bound to be in the fairy tales or even just an imagination.

is it that difficult to maintain our environment especially when it is for survival?its always survival of the has been ruling this world for centuries and has been destroying the world too which was in return to all the love and care our mother earth has showered us with.if even the children can understand,what is it with the adults?it is not that they don't understand its just that unlike the children,adults are not innocent,they are selfish,arrogant beings who wants money and power.whats money and power without happiness and well being??

the girl points out that even when poor people are ready to share things with others the rich are not.this applies to the developed countries.they are ready to help only in return of a favour.

i think that instead of killing time and doing nothing we should spend our time in social service uploading videos like this someone has done a great job by at least spreading awareness.and when people view this i am sure that they will be forced to would be good if people posted on good videos like this instead of putting up stupid movie songs and other porn videos.lets all be creative and utilise our creativity for a good cause.

this is a must watch video and please do post in your comments to me about this issue.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

give wings to your imagination..

is there a limit to imagination?i personally don't think so.but whats it with our film industry?everything is a remake.they borrow stories and even dialogues from other the beginning it was from the English movies but now its stealing ideas from within the country.the director Mr priyadarshan is the best example.he remakes the Malayalam movies which were mega hit in the late 80's.its not just the story which is remade,even the dialogues are translated. doesn't this show lack of ideas.if a director doesnt have a new idea or a different and good one why waste time and money of the viewers?why showing the same movie over and over just by calling it a remake?

i think there should be some law to prevent remakes. there is nothing as a remake,there should be just one creation..

Friday, August 22, 2008


last Saturday that was 16Th of august 2008,i had the worst experience in my whole life,i had bend my head down.down to such an extend that i could touch my feet.the day was as usual as any anther day in my life..i was at home doing my daily chores n the evening my husbands friends came was fun..they were good people n the ones i like most among his usual they decided to go out n have a drink or two n i was at home waiting for some excitement...after they came back we decided to go for a movie(though there was a lack of good movies) the multiplex we had to get tickets n there was a big discussion for deciding on a movie as all the movies were flop.finally god thussi great ho won..(statutory warning-do not watch it)..i suddenly noticed a woman standing in Que..she was wearing a yellow see through blouse and a black three fourths..i suddenly remembered my first experience with a whore i saw in the somwarpeth..well i think they were way better than her..there was some kind of negative energy coming out from her .she was a keen observer i should say..and was trying a lot to win attention which i think she had already won with her huge statistics..n little clothes.

interested by the posters..i was having a peek but then suddenly there was a i turned to see i heard her shouting "bastards" to my husband and his friends,and they were reacting back too,she was told to f*** off for which she asks to f*** his mother..and then the fight continues.she warns us by saying she has a good hold over here.and off she goes to show her might and power.

after about half an hour she comes with 3 police men and they take my husband.all this time i was wondering what was last we all had to beg to her to release him..after which he was released..

during the discussions we had with her and her friends it was obvious that everyone knew she was the one who started using abusive words..even her friends were actually in our side.even the cops were on our side.but they had to stand helplessly as her uncle was the commissioner.

from this incident i was clear what the world was turning into.its turning into hell!where there is no hope for justice.our constitution has given power to it for misusing it?can a woman talk rubbish and insult men just by saying she has power (for she has influence)and in spite of a man being insulted in public by a woman doesn't he have the power to react back?why is our constitution one sided?is it time for manism and manisation?is this equality?and about the system if i should say..its a big bullshit..anyone can do anything in this world if he has someone of power with him..

as her friend said-"if you have no power or money you should not react to anything"....even a murder..