Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Run 'AMMA' RUN!!!

(Not so)Dear 'AMMA' ;

 It Is time you learn the basic lessons of humanity. I'm not an anti Tamilian nor do i have anything against the people in Tamil Nadu. In fact I've got more Tamil friends than from my own place. Ive always wished to settle in Chennai, for the people has always been extremely caring and friendly. It is disheartening to find that although you are in the supreme position in the state of Tamil Nadu, you seems to be lacking the spirit of a good human being, which i should emphasize to be an indispensable part of a leader. It is through the little acts of kindness that embeds a person forever in others hearts. Im sure these must be part of your propaganda before elections. It is good to see a developed Tamil Nadu because from what we have learned, it is a part of India and that all the people including you are the citizens of this great land. Though however your profile seems to be intriguing to which i have no absolute right to shadow, but i do take the liberty to limelight that you seems to be giving little justice to whatever education you have received. Apparently you must be wondering that your 63 years of lifespan has brought you into too many ups and downs and it is that life which has been your 'guru'. Im sorry to say this but im forced to, it is the ones that give justice to humanity and not the tyrants who are the actual leaders. I am not saying that you are a bad leader, but the influence that you provide to your people is not intriguing. Of course some of your remarkable steps have given Tamil Nadu development, but remember what is the use of just development when there is no one to adore? Again it is the survival that matters the most for us human beings,and it is this instinct that has made us supreme. You must be knowing just like me that there is no level to what human determination could do. It is not during the times when people hold on for their poor dear lives that one must show the tedious amount of selfishness arrogance and heinous stubbornness. Tamil Nadu and Kerala has always tried to keep an amicable relationship throughout and it is only when the life of not "few"(if that doesnt interest you) but a lot of people is at stake that made even the common man to come out against you. Basically we are tired and scared of this reprehensible action of yours. Interestingly it is the burst of these emotions that forces even the most common man to be doing uncommon deeds. Tyrants have a short lifespan, history has thought us so. Either they change their ways or revolution forces them to. These small agitations if not taken care of may result in "civil war" which is being feared by not just the leaders but also common people like us. Flood, destruction to flaura, fauna and above all life of men would all be blamed on your massive shoulders, "IRON LADY". I remember your visit to The Guruvayoor Temple sometime back . You had gifted a baby elephant to Lord Krishna. If you are not an atheist then in what religion and which god justifies the killing of people? I have no right to your private matters but i wonder what would you do for the upcoming traumatic insomnia. No amount of water(which seems to be the issue of the hour if you notice) will wipe away the drops of blood splashed over you. Everything in this world is connected so are we, and if you remember it is the same planet that we share. To be more specific it is the resources of the country called "INDIA" that we share. Oops! I forgot the part that it is just "Tamil Nadu" for you. Bravo! what a step towards national integration!!(rather a threat)9/10 people here listen to the songs of Ilayaraja, Harris Jayaraj and so many other maestros. The actors like Surya,Sivaji Ganeshan, Vijay and so many more have always stolen our hearts and tamil is understood and even spoken around just like our mother tongue. Is your arrogance mightier than the power of love? Oh yes love that runs through the veins of every Indian for the love of their country and its people. Beware your name has started to be spoken in every street of the world, for in every corner of the world there lives our brothers and sisters. So run 'AMMA', run before it is too late; let-"LIVE AND LET LIVE" be the motto that you follow.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

'SAAS-BAHU' a rare species

It seems to be a trend among the people these days to be running away from domestic chores or anything connected with that "D" word, i am fortunately not different from it in any way. With constant reminders to do this and that my mother-in-law seems to have shown the white flag. Basically the older generation has digested the fact about how scary the "D" word is to us. The fact is when something becomes an unavoidable chore the brain somehow creates new waves to run away form it. Life is now revolving around machines and thanks to whoever has invented them, for one thing they saves time and for another it helps the professional(not to mention lazy) to run away from "the prohibited area" called "Kitchen". A territory for which the battle for dominating took place once. Apparently it has shrunk into the status of a burnt 'cigarette butt". It has the memories of the past of the then "new bahu". Their first day i call it the "impression creator day" used to be the day for pleasing especially your "mother-in-law" with your excellency, dedication and thrive in doing each and every domestic chore in the house. The sugar coating, my darling though however obvious it seems doesn't have a long life. It breaks its charm once when the impressions have become "overly successful". One can actually get this feeling the very next day when you are expected to be doing every other chore in the house with your "sublime" mother-in-law(lets call her M) who sits on the that high couch and "dictates". If you have the feeling that youve finally got hold of her territory, sorry folks you're in for a big surprise. That was an evident "offer letter" for working under your "worst nightmare". May be these were the reasons for the word "domestication" to be classified. Lets not create a wrong impression in the mind of others that we can do every other work in the house and still stay quite and humble like the "impossible bahu's" in the serials. Today's "bahu"(B) unlike their contemporaries in the past have learned to emerge from the ashes of their ancestors. We are are not ready to be tamed or domesticated, and the strong expectation of sharing work is evident. Gone are days when most B's hide inside the pallu with a bent head. We have learned how to be self sufficient and has that "I DONT CARE" attitude and when dirty games are played, remember that we are the "guru" of these games. High levels of IQ and huge salary and high positions have obviously raised our status from being "the domestic goddess" to that of "urban queens". It is the one power of love and care that binds us and not Procrustean means. The traditional M's have no other means but to accept this. Apparently domestication is not a violation of rights but the "you have to do everything" attitude is the trouble. The previous conundrums created on this matter paved way to women to emerge out from the four walls and to understand the world, and once understood there is no returning. Im sure the traditional 'saas-bahu' fights are loosing their "star value" with women having no time "to think too much".This succession or change in phase of woman have created peace and harmony in the world called "FAMILY". There is a constant flow of positive energy pulling us closer to that happy circle with stronger bonds.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Calculus

I remember reading about "corporal punishment" vs "solitary confinement" and the short story that we had to study in our 12th std had a different twist in the climax. It was then for the first time that the existence of solitary confinement struck my head. A particular young lady i met recently emphasized that she actually loved being alone and that she enjoyed her company than anyone else's. This was again another drift, the whole point was that if people actually enjoyed being alone it would be a whole new experience.

The one particular thing in life is the absence or rather inability to understand ones true self. The feel of the fresh flow of the blood, the true smell of one's sweat, the heart that beats, the eyes that flutter, the fingers that move according to our will and the limbs that carry us to the place we wish. Whoa its truly a wonderful experience to be alive. The last time id sensed this passion was when i carried my daughter, it was a whole new experience to carry a life within. It is during the times like these that makes me realize that im not different from any other animal.

A kitten strode into our house some days back, "mewing" and "purring" and that look of innocence.(Oh god! that look and that word is the one thing that id die for, Maybe because its too rare these days) I took it in my arms clumsily and there i felt its tiny heart beating and could even sense its fear. I wonder what these creatures think about humans..'dinosaurs'?? Life is such a wonderful gift but just a few realize,the hardest part is staying happy and contented. Th mantra for the present generation is not the subject of survival because that part has already been accomplished. But to stay happy and contented and the enjoyment of existence in itself. A drop of solitary confinement should become a part of our life at least for an hour in a day. Just to enjoy ourselves. Its time to be selfish, for if we don't care for ourselves no one would, times have changed. long gone are days when people rush out and reached out for help, heard shouts or screams. The only person that cares for you in the end of the day is you yourself.

Self realization is as important as that of having food. It sets the goals and decides upon the right path. It not just bring upon professional success but also brings an inner peace and harmony, helping us to settle down with ourselves. There are innumerable ways to experiment with oneself and the biggest advantage being that, there is no one to question.

I love being "selfish" it has helped me survive. There was absolutely no bitch who stood by me to share my pain and no dogs who showed sympathy or mercy, but greed and the triumph at my fall. But everyone joined hands when the sunny days came. It was "I" who felt each and every experience. There is nothing as that of "sharing pain". Your pains are your own and no one really cared whether it was the smile that glowed or the tear that dropped. It was i who stood for myself, my determination to survive and the power to move on. With all these and even more I simply love my whole existence and salute the accurate calculus through which He created "ME".

Thursday, November 24, 2011

"Just Ignore"

It really brings the temper out of me when i find that some expectations of mine are deliberately shattered. This especially effects me badly if it happens from someone who has been really close to my heart. But the trouble is-they must have not kept me in the same way as id kept them. I keep it a point to be in touch with people i care even when ive little time. But somehow it was misinterpreted to be an ongoing activity of an idle "house wife". The funny part was that i tried to prove them otherwise. Apparently it came in as not just a challenge to me but also a breakthrough from my previous mundane shell. Even after my constant efforts i was discouraged again with another new excuse that they have learned to move on and that their present status is not less than that of "Mr President"(lol). My long mails were unanswered and so were my constant tries to call them. But somehow it still didnt strike my head that they really didnt need my presence in their life any longer and that they have 'learned' and 'grown' much more than what i have..well it could be just my complex turmoils..

Anyways my point is that I have no complaints but in fact im grateful for this "ignorance" and their "self sophistication" turned out to be a boon for me. It helped to realize the hard truth about all relations. It gave me strength to what they say as moving on. The best part is that ive learned just to ignore and above all to completely delete them from my life. May be this posting in itself could be interpreted as a reminder. But no this is just a "tribute" for the herculean challenge i faced.

Ive made a comfort zone of my own and in it there are some precious jewels, who gives value to relations as i do. But even if they turn out to be otherwise it would simply not effect me in any manner. Its just my freedom and the love for my self that has made me realise to play even the dirtiest of games in life. The theory is evident "survival of the fittest". Maybe i could be termed as "cruel", "arrogant" or even "selfish" but that just goes through me without absorption.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ive never really given any notice to Kamala Das (id like to call her that way) until a couple of days back when i came across some of her poems. They were not just direct, but somehow i could find myself in it. Her poems are all direct,touching and simply wonderful...now here is one which id like to read and re read

The Looking Glass

Getting a man to love you is easy
Only be honest about your wants as
Woman. Stand nude before the glass with him
So that he sees himself the stronger one
And believes it so, and you so much more
Softer, younger, lovelier. Admit your
Admiration. Notice the perfection
Of his limbs, his eyes reddening under
The shower, the shy walk across the bathroom floor,
Dropping towels, and the jerky way he
Urinates. All the fond details that make
Him male and your only man. Gift him all,
Gift him what makes you woman, the scent of
Long hair, the musk of sweat between the breasts,
The warm shock of menstrual blood, and all your
Endless female hungers. Oh yes, getting
A man to love is easy, but living
Without him afterwards may have to be
Faced. A living without life when you move
Around, meeting strangers, with your eyes that
Gave up their search, with ears that hear only
His last voice calling out your name and your
Body which once under his touch had gleamed
Like burnished brass, now drab and destitute.
-- Kamala Das