Friday, November 25, 2011

The Calculus

I remember reading about "corporal punishment" vs "solitary confinement" and the short story that we had to study in our 12th std had a different twist in the climax. It was then for the first time that the existence of solitary confinement struck my head. A particular young lady i met recently emphasized that she actually loved being alone and that she enjoyed her company than anyone else's. This was again another drift, the whole point was that if people actually enjoyed being alone it would be a whole new experience.

The one particular thing in life is the absence or rather inability to understand ones true self. The feel of the fresh flow of the blood, the true smell of one's sweat, the heart that beats, the eyes that flutter, the fingers that move according to our will and the limbs that carry us to the place we wish. Whoa its truly a wonderful experience to be alive. The last time id sensed this passion was when i carried my daughter, it was a whole new experience to carry a life within. It is during the times like these that makes me realize that im not different from any other animal.

A kitten strode into our house some days back, "mewing" and "purring" and that look of innocence.(Oh god! that look and that word is the one thing that id die for, Maybe because its too rare these days) I took it in my arms clumsily and there i felt its tiny heart beating and could even sense its fear. I wonder what these creatures think about humans..'dinosaurs'?? Life is such a wonderful gift but just a few realize,the hardest part is staying happy and contented. Th mantra for the present generation is not the subject of survival because that part has already been accomplished. But to stay happy and contented and the enjoyment of existence in itself. A drop of solitary confinement should become a part of our life at least for an hour in a day. Just to enjoy ourselves. Its time to be selfish, for if we don't care for ourselves no one would, times have changed. long gone are days when people rush out and reached out for help, heard shouts or screams. The only person that cares for you in the end of the day is you yourself.

Self realization is as important as that of having food. It sets the goals and decides upon the right path. It not just bring upon professional success but also brings an inner peace and harmony, helping us to settle down with ourselves. There are innumerable ways to experiment with oneself and the biggest advantage being that, there is no one to question.

I love being "selfish" it has helped me survive. There was absolutely no bitch who stood by me to share my pain and no dogs who showed sympathy or mercy, but greed and the triumph at my fall. But everyone joined hands when the sunny days came. It was "I" who felt each and every experience. There is nothing as that of "sharing pain". Your pains are your own and no one really cared whether it was the smile that glowed or the tear that dropped. It was i who stood for myself, my determination to survive and the power to move on. With all these and even more I simply love my whole existence and salute the accurate calculus through which He created "ME".

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