Thursday, November 24, 2011

"Just Ignore"

It really brings the temper out of me when i find that some expectations of mine are deliberately shattered. This especially effects me badly if it happens from someone who has been really close to my heart. But the trouble is-they must have not kept me in the same way as id kept them. I keep it a point to be in touch with people i care even when ive little time. But somehow it was misinterpreted to be an ongoing activity of an idle "house wife". The funny part was that i tried to prove them otherwise. Apparently it came in as not just a challenge to me but also a breakthrough from my previous mundane shell. Even after my constant efforts i was discouraged again with another new excuse that they have learned to move on and that their present status is not less than that of "Mr President"(lol). My long mails were unanswered and so were my constant tries to call them. But somehow it still didnt strike my head that they really didnt need my presence in their life any longer and that they have 'learned' and 'grown' much more than what i have..well it could be just my complex turmoils..

Anyways my point is that I have no complaints but in fact im grateful for this "ignorance" and their "self sophistication" turned out to be a boon for me. It helped to realize the hard truth about all relations. It gave me strength to what they say as moving on. The best part is that ive learned just to ignore and above all to completely delete them from my life. May be this posting in itself could be interpreted as a reminder. But no this is just a "tribute" for the herculean challenge i faced.

Ive made a comfort zone of my own and in it there are some precious jewels, who gives value to relations as i do. But even if they turn out to be otherwise it would simply not effect me in any manner. Its just my freedom and the love for my self that has made me realise to play even the dirtiest of games in life. The theory is evident "survival of the fittest". Maybe i could be termed as "cruel", "arrogant" or even "selfish" but that just goes through me without absorption.

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