Tuesday, February 24, 2009


and so has slum dog millionaire...like every Indian i am happy or to be exact a bit wild..but the irony is that i haven't watched the movie yet.and frankly i don't feel interested for i already know the storyline and sorry it didn't interest me much.im not trying to criticise.but like priyadarshan was saying the other day..there have been so many movies with the same theme but slum dog reached the door of the Oscars as it was directed by a foreign director.but whatever it is i am happy that someone actually noticed our talents and especially A R Rahmans(just a little late of course).but interestingly there was a lot of controversies for the film.well I'm of the opinion that controversies at times are created for making the film noticed.but anyways slum dog survived all the way through and now stands tall with the Oscars.

"tare zameen par" which was previously selected but declined later on was having a much more powerful topic.and it was something that the world must be seeing for the first time.even the short documentary "smile pinky"also sounded interesting.

well Oscar or not the biggest achievement for any film maker is appreciation from the audience.and for me films are nothing but entertainment.of course i don't deny the fact that films can convey some messages.i wish the Oscar committee or whatever it is will have a broader mind in the coming years.but once again i am happy that we've being recognised.and congrats to the full slum dog millionaire are family.

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