Monday, May 18, 2009

confused ass usual :P

well its been sometime since i have actually blogged..Ive just got up lazily from my sleep and then i couldn't just control this urge in me to pen down..ehem click down to be exact..
its been 2 years since pune has been my second home...i love this city for its freedom and the privacy..more than that it gave me an independence which none of the place has ever given..not prejudiced about the other places though..i love my hometown though however narrow the place is and its people are.
we're shifting!!and i still cant digest the fact.. somehow i don't like the idea..this you may say can be categorized to sacrifice.i really don't like the idea of living under one roof with so many people with such a lot of differences..i know i can adjust its not that i have attitude problem..and even if i have its simply my own headache..

confused as always i am now..
relations have become too raw
rages of fury growing inside
will never leave my side
i wish i could make a difference
a justice i can do to myself
freedom is all i urge
my heart is still on the verge
the warrior in me arises
when my pride is abused!!!

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