Wednesday, May 20, 2009


we were piled over with gifts for our marriage,my brother's marriage and then my daughter's birthday.and with celebrations comes friends and family;and with them comes gifts.piles of them.i have a special feeling for being pampered around with gifts surprised ones or just simply "the have to give ones".gifts are gifts small or big.
after all the celebration all i could find in my house were the gift boxes...i was a bit bemused and was unable to distinguish the ones that were the real gifts and the ones that was gifted and then turned out to be a gift again... it took us one whole day to rip off the wrap and to actually see the treasure dug inside.and then to categorize the ones that are to be accepted and the gifts which will forever be just gifts :P

this is almost like a game.when rounded around the "forever gifts" might even ironically end up to the person who might have actually brought it.well that's what you can actually call a "surprise gift".the good thing is that you still know your gift is safe and sound!!!!

well personally i feel this is an open way to show how cheap you are.though however happy i would feel when pampered with gifts i still do not prefer the "gifted gifts".its better not to gift at all!!!!

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