Friday, July 10, 2009


gone too soon..
these are the only words that rings in my mind whenever i hear my superhero ,the "king of pop".like all the other zillion fans in the world i wish he was alive..just alive somewhere.
i first heard about MJ through my dad's collection.i simply thought it was a girl!!!i had little access to T.V or any other media for that matter.but whatever the fact was i gave little importance for i was simply carried over by the music."Dangerous" that was the name of the album..i used to listen to his tunes..the first thing i did when i reached back home.the songs are still "embedded" in my heart.after sometime i came to know that it was a guy who actually sang ,composed,directed and danced for the songs i loved the most.then one day i actually saw his dance..."awesome" those were the only;y words that could actually come out.i still wonder if anybody could dance like him.he was simply " THE flubber".so (damn) flexible!!!!His moves in BILLIE JEAN is the best..but i simply love BEAT IT...

it was sad that this great LEGEND had to go through all the hardships that life actually challenged him with...but i do not believe one word of it....he will always be my superhero!!!

...and the day i heard he died...gosh.i wish i never heard that..i could not move away from the T.V i was hopping against hope tnat the news was all wrong..

i believe MJ is still alive somewhere..this is not it...THIS IS NOT IT!!!!

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