Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I’ve been to mg road a zillion times and Ive seen that double Decker eagerly catching my attention always. But something really didn’t make me go there. Yesterday the magic worked. I finally went to the 11 east street cafe. And by god I just loved it from the beginning.

The staff, the food and the crowd was really warm especially when at this chilly winter. it was almost like a street and one could find a lot of cozy, warm chairs to sit,and many shops too. The ambiance was of course good but it was all a little dark too giving us privacy. And our tables were lit with a beautiful aroma candle. There were reminders of an old English street and there were many light posts with the British flags. And in the middle there was a beautiful fountain with artistic statues of three beautiful angels. There was even a miniature of a double Decker bus with a miniature driver on it. It was actually the baking space. There were chocolates, pastries of all kinds which obviously made me bounce with joy. Upstairs was almost like a lounge peaceful, calm and spacious and some soft music added peace to the atmosphere.

Food was delicious; there was everything from American, English, German, French to Chinese, Thai, and Indian. There was a small bar with a lot of drinks including softies, hotties; even the cocktails and mock tails were extra special. We ordered for two hot dogs which I haven’t had for some time. While we waited we talked about the place, the place and again the place.this was one good place to hang out especially after the long tiring week. This was a wonderful place to meet and make friends from all around the world.

The cafe gave a great change in our mood. Especially after seeing the merry faces and wonderful food, id love to spend most of my weekends there rather than another 5 star hotels. I heard one of the waiters explaining to the customers that this was a miniature make of an original one which was actually there in London.anyways i am in love with the place and ill surely love to spend most of our special moments there.
For its worth it!!!

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