Friday, September 5, 2008


its power cut time again..and i was too lazy to get up from my bed..though my love kept on persisting that it was tea time.i was dreaming something..but don't actually remember what it was?maybe its too good to remember..cause people always tend to forget the best things in life.
i got out of my bed lazily and was doing a bit of stretching..suddenly i heard something was it one of my bones..nay!it cant be..I'm not that fragile..or am i?or maybe its my pyjamas again..they always mock me with their stupendous satire.but no it wasn't them this time..

i heard it again..and that's when i was in the kitchen sleepily making that cup of tea.i had to switch off the gas now.but purposely forgot.after scampering around for a while i finally found the source it came from downstairs.but what was it?it actually sounded like the war of the vessels..BANG! i heard it was getting curiosity took over and i ran down..

and there i saw a small girl almost in tears now..wondering if the matter was too serious i came closer to the was flat no1106 and to beat my curiosity the doors were locked from inside..what was happening?


VaisakhRulez said...
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VaisakhRulez said...

what was happening???