Tuesday, September 11, 2012


   I've been an ardent dictionary user for quite sometime, in fact dictionary is one of the books that i have always been carrying around . "The Oxford English Dictionary" has always been my favorite, the simple reason being that it was my first dictionary. It has been occupying that little corner of my hand bag for a long time. To some Dictionary is a necessity, i emphasize the  book worms here, the ones  who have nothing better than sinking into the pages of  imagination thankfully they are  harmless. Meanwhile for some it is a call of "Prestige", it was a trend during my college days(persistently existing) to carry around a Dictionary (or any book for that matter) longer and even bulkier than its owner only to cover the bosom, or rather for its better view. In either way this is the lot which I'm sure has taken up no pains to turn the pages of the "subject" . Then there is this lot who think it to be sophisticated, prestigious and above the normal degree to carry around of all the books , but Dictionary. They are the most intriguing of people you find, not only are they  proficiently efficient in using the book, but they count on it for each and every other word which could otherwise have been made simple.

My first poem was an accident, but as time flew the innocence left, but never in the work. Slowly and gradually Dictionary became a close friend of mine.  My sole intention was to make my work sound sophisticated and exceptional and this I did by the use of  the most trying words instead of the simple ones. This became my trend altogether for a long time. But things started changing when "ITS MY CAULDRON" happened.I was inspired to start it after a collision with one of the popular blogs. Her blog was an overnight success, there was nothing special about the blog other than the occasional sexually arousing anecdotes of the blogger. But the reason for its success was that, it was told right from the heart and the language used was simple, urbane and awesome. There was a beautiful mixture of the right words at the right time, without a fuss on the persistent use of my old friend 'Mr Dictionary'. The narrative glued us to the seats and gave a better picture of the events that happened to the blogger and to what she felt. 

Recently there was yet another "head on collision" with a friend of mine, after the usual exchange of greetings the guy simply send me his blog link insisting that he was the "Father of English Language". It was with great expectations did i open up the link only to find it to be deeply disappointing. It was impossible to read even a single line of his creation without strenuous use of Mr D. This effort shrunk the whole idea which was expressed with great anticipation. I'm sure there was surely some cream, which unfortunately was waiting for a good churn in the form of a complete revamp.

I wish this friend of mine understand that it is always a simple presentation that actually gives the right punch to the right people. Eventually the idea of all the writers including "bloggers" is either to convey some message or share an experience. In both situations it is absolutely necessary that the reader understands the matter conveyed, and only when this happens the process of communication is complete. It is not the exhibition of advertant  and complicated use of words that brings out the best writer in you, but it is the sublimity, observation, humor ,originality and simplicity that dominates. I love Dictionary but id rather not  dement my brain . For in the end of the day my neck and the pain there, will always be my own...

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