Thursday, September 9, 2010

Personality twist

As the years flow by I can see myself into various situations in life which I had never ever dreamed of. Of course life itself is a dream to be engulfed into the hands of a beautiful unknown. But over the, I feel that life itself is an adventure, and the reason is simple. On every mode of philosophical thoughts, I find it interesting that life is uncertain. This is the simple truth that makes life so dear and special. Many compare life with beautiful and sometimes weird similes. But mine is something which I have been experimenting, it is from a different point of view. You may even call it a personality twist.
Life is bound with a lot of energies and as the laws in physics state it is transferred from one form to another. Most of us hear ourselves saying that some people “click” in our life while some don’t. Believe it or not this has to do with the energies. All of us are embodiments of tremendous energy, but it just that none realize. Haven’t you heard of the simple word “will” or even the proverb “If there is a will there is a way.” It is when we realize our own potential and our energy do we understand what the right path is and for this I believe observations plays a key role. One has got to be a good observer to be a winning player, and life is all but a game. Making a game plan requires skill experience and observation. By observing, what I mean is to observe ourselves. There exist two kinds of energies- negative and positive. Being a keen observer makes us realize what to select and what not select. I would personally not suggest you to pick up only the positive ones. Instead it would rather be interesting to play with the negatives. The challenge is how to make it positive. It can even be called as searching for one’s self.

It is by becoming a spectator to our activities that makes us understand our faults, failures, success, happiness and so on. I feel that it is better to be peaceful than to be happy. But of course happiness is the primary step towards peace. It is only when we are contented with ourselves and when we accept ourselves as the greatest gift do we realize ourselves. It is a step towards appreciation of life and appreciation of the Divine.

Every path in life is a challenge or in numeric sense a problem, and solving a problem makes life happening. Well, I would personally choose to live with problems than being without one, and I assume everyone would. For problems makes life interesting and solving them makes us confident and self loving.

Life is never something that could be written into papers or ‘word pads’ but rather an experience. Some are shared and some are not. I felt that this was something to be shared. I am not arguing whatever I have written is right, but just sharing the thoughts that went through when I had my personality twist.

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