Thursday, October 9, 2008


how does it feel like when we come back home from work? especially after a busy day. most of us would just be feeling that comfort even by thinking of home and our cosy,warm bed.doesn't it look inviting. And to have bath in our hot tub,that's really soothing. But how does it look like if your home is under surveillance.surveillance by strangers.yes this happens in our society and goes around most of the time it because people enjoy it?the predator and even the prey?yes it is interesting to dig out into others privacy especially when no one is noticing.but isn’t it a social evil ?one of my friends still puts on this anecdote of her’s in our was the experience she had with a man who tried to peak into her bathroom.fortunately he was caught red handed.he was obviously beaten black and blue.but this is just a small one and we all know it as he was many incidents goes unnoticed?

Most men I would say fall into this category.especially when they get an opportunity to peek into women's privacy.what are they thinking only god knows?is it some kind of pleasure?any small gap even a microscopic one attracts them if it opens up into a woman’s room especially bathroom. how interesting isn’t it?and the desperation in their look on to what is happening inside can only be compared to those of a vulture’s into that piece of delicious meat .how does these people feel when their own privacy is being disrupted? or rather their lives are being opened up to the public?even the little peek-a-boos they do.and interestingly in broad day light they sit on like a gentleman fully civilized only to bring out the uncivilized beast in the privacy of their house.don't be shocked there are men unlike these Hippocrates doing their bit of glory into this field in open public of my friend once spotted out a man in the public restroom at a hospital!
Peeping into your neighbours life too is as shameful as these tactics and our ladies are into this wonderful business’s.i once had to go for a kitty party and i was taken into by self pity.i was in the middle of ladies and conversations which were rather too odd . it all started like-"did you know….that …and …are into a blah blah blah" and the conversation goes on.blame the listener I should say.

It is a fact that such privacy peepers do exist.and nothing could be done unless they are caught.which rarely happens.our lives are our own and so is our privacy.the best way is to be extra careful.and when one of them are caught I feel that they should be brought out into the attention of the public,the media and to their kin. but as for now lets not make our privacy a pleasure for strangers.

So the next time you go to your restroom be careful someone might be watching you.

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vishnu said...

i agree that situations like thse and most importantly men like thse are many in our society, the way i look into the same all this is a resultant of oppression of emotions , people in this part of the world jus hav a prob in expressing themself and this includes sexually, people jus cant openly speak abt it. here everyones jus wants to project an image n some where down the line even we are responsible for the same, as we judge with just wat they project & they want to show and sweep rest of the basic human emotion under the carpet....its ths same whether its politics, religion or sex we jus keep things to ourself. God alone save us.